Discover the EASY application


Several times a year, the Académie du Sourire offers an introduction to the use of EASY within the Continuum in Aix-en-Provence (France) to enable you to use it on a daily basis as a genuine tool for treatment plans acceptation.

If you wish to get a real aesthetic study tool for your patients, to favor the acceptance of your treatment plans thanks to the aesthetic consultation, to reinforce your patients in their choice of aesthetic care, to offer a unique smile to your patients, to better communicate with your prosthesis laboratory and your clinical team (orthodontics, periodontics, implantology …), this training is for you!


Training programm:
  • Presentation of the EASY application
  • How to optimize your patient’s photos in the application
  • Reminder of the criteria of beauty of a smile
  • Using the EASY application as a marketing tool
  • Sales argument for cosmetic care
  • Development of customizable scripts
  • Exercises: how to manipulate the application
  • Exercises: aesthetic study


Next sessions:
*The training sessions are free for the members of the Académie du Sourire and the non-members who buy the EASY application within a month after the training.